About Our Team

Thank you so much for visiting us here at He's a Mensch. We've been working together to create a range of products that will help Biden become the next president.

 Our Team

Our team is made up of a variety of different skilled individuals who seek to empower the left in new and creative ways. Right now our main focus is putting someone who has integrity into the White House and ensuring a victory for future generations. We have backgrounds in graphic design, marketing and website management so we brought our talents together to create this space!

 Our Work

Our 'He's A Mensch' designs encapsulate Joe Biden's honor and the humility in which he carries himself and interacts with others. From the man sitting outside on the stairs to the elevator operator - we see Joe showing empathy for people in ways that other politicians don't. This is why we believe we need a mensch in the White House who can help bring this country together and create healing.

We hope you've enjoyed our exclusive selection of Joe Biden shirts, mugs, buttons and more.